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Welcome to, the premiere site for exchanging home remedies with others around the world. Herbal treatments and alternative health are growing in popularity as more and more people discover what they have to offer. This site archives home remedies for a wide range of topics such as acne home remedies, sunburn home remedies, toothache home remedies, poison ivy home remedies, cold sore home remedies, sore throat home remedies, constipation home remedies, weight loss home remedies, ear infection home remedies, and headache home remedies.

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Poison Ivy
Submitted by Patricia at 2014-07-30 05:34:19
I was getting desperate and like so many others I resorted to the internet. I thought there were probably a LOT of ideas that had great merit and it's not that I wasn't willing to try them but rather that the rash is all over my face. I somehow just didn't think borax powder, bleach or tide would be terribly smart idea near my nose, eyes and mouth lol. I did read though that someone suggested Aloe. OMG! what a simple solution!!! It's not going to cure it, I get that, but just as it does when you have a sunburn or burn from the oven or what not it did actually immediately relieve the deep pain. I way beyond itching at this point and my face is SO swollen. No breathing way issues so far and I do intend to head to the urgent care as soon as it opens today but in the mean time at 4am and sleepless it is a godsend! Good luck to you all :-)
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Submitted by Gods_Property at 2014-07-30 00:51:36
What i found works for me is taking 1 65mg iron tablet, 1 vitamin D and, 1 asprin or any other NSAID everyday and within a couple days my cycle had just about stopped completely and i was bleeding heavily for a month so its worth a try God bless ladies!
Submitted by Nicole at 2014-07-30 00:35:50
I have had neuropathy in my feet for about 4 years was HORRIBLE during my last pregnancy and couldn't take neurontin or cymbalta because it wasn't safe for baby....I HAD it one night, sharp hot shooting pinprick pains....I hit the cabinets...I mixed a wee bit of tea tree oil in with some coconut oil and rubbed it on my feet and I promise you it was all but gone within 5 minutes...It worked on more than one occasion...used just the tea tree oil a few times and also mixed it in other oils to cut it so I know THAT was the working ingredient....hope you get relief!

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